Achievement Unlocked: Vaguely Healthy Cabbage Thing

To offset the previous entry’s small wads of spicy fat, I borrowed another recipe from Steamy Kitchen.  Do you ever look at a recipe and think, “That looks disgustingly healthy, how could that possibly be good”?  Is that just me?  Maybe that’s the reason I need to lose a few pounds…hm.

Anyway!  Cabbage, white beans, potatoes, onions, thyme, and olive oil combine in a large skillet to become…slightly less healthy-tasting than they look, I promise.  In a mixed-dining audience of at least twenty over the course of the night, it’s hard to know which recipes are going to be hits, and which will be next week’s leftovers.  This actually got vacuumed up better than the chili, which shocked me.  It also inspired me to memorialize the recipe here so that I don’t forget it for next month…especially if that head of cabbage is still sitting in my fridge.  It keeps forever, after all.  No reason to get rid of it.

White Beans And Cabbage

  1. Dice about a cup of red potatoes.  Strive for the size of frozen peas; don’t stress if not all of the bits end up that size.
  2. Roughly chop half an onion (use the other half from, or for, the sausage balls, depending on the order in which you cook).
  3. Thinly shred (not, like, coleslaw thin) about three cups of cabbage.
  4. Open and drain a can of white beans; rinse them in your colander.
  5. Splash some olive oil in your skillet and add your potatoes.  Saute until potatoes start to brown (and, no doubt, are sticking to your skillet).  Add onion and keep sauteing.
  6. Add white beans and continue sauteing.  Look for beans to get slightly brown.  Add a generous sprinkle of dried thyme.
  7. Scatter cabbage in skillet and continue tossing about.  Wait for cabbage to wilt; realize it’s not wilting.  Pour a generous cup of water in the skillet to loosen things up.  Stir until water has boiled away, less of mixture is sticking to pot, and thyme is aromatic.
  8. Remove from heat and bring to table.  Scatter a few leaves of fresh rosemary, because you need *something* to do with that stuff, after all.  Serve and watch in surprise as it all gets eaten!

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