Achievement Unlocked: Improvised Red Pepper Soup

Returning to my kitchen late Saturday morning with a bag full of produce (and wine; the Rite-Aid near the farmer’s market has a liquor aisle), I realized that I’d done it again.  I’m sucked in by gorgeous produce and usually walk away with only vague ideas of what I’m actually going to do with the giant bunch of dill I just bought.  I’m not quite ready for another round of pickling, and besides, most of my haul this time was herbs.  Pickled garlic will wait until I have something in mind to pair with it, I promise.

I was good this morning, though.  Despite the huge flats of flowers and herbs everywhere, I went home without a single thing with roots on it.  I’m not good with plants.  I grew up helping my mother plant and tend the house garden every year, but when it comes to my own growing attempts, they have…fallen short.  Ever since I killed a cilantro plant in a week, due to some combination of over-watering, under-sunlight-ing, and the plant coming from Walmart, I’m forbidden to bring any actual plants home.

The main person I cook for, besides myself, is grumpy and already tired of applesauce.  He’s a big fan of peppers, the ridiculously out-of-season red ones especially, so I brought home three of them.  Without further ado, here’s my thrown-together attempt at a soft, pureed red pepper soup.  This is all me; this kind of hodgepodge doesn’t really need a recipe, but if you want to recreate my messy mise, here you are!


Red Pepper Everything Soup

  1. Bring home large bag from farmer’s market, including three red peppers.  Discover a yellow pepper sitting atop fridge.  Gather a lime, the Chinese garlic you just bought, and a sharp knife.
  2. Slice and clean four peppers, producing roughly one-inch pieces.  This is all going into the food processor, though, so don’t be too fussy about the size.
  3. Peel and slice three garlic cloves.
  4. Find large pot.  Pour in scant 1/2 cup of olive oil and generous 3/4 cup of white wine.  I’ve honestly never tried cooking with wines specifically meant for that purpose; I find a generic Chablis serves most of my purposes admirably.
  5. Heat pot on medium-high.  Add two cups vegetable stock, so your vegetarian roommate may partake.
  6. Add peppers and garlic.  Find jar of bread-and-butter pickles in fridge, now empty of pickles; add as many of the onion slices from there as you can fish out.  One onion of choice, sliced thinly, works just as well; I merely added a bit of extra flavoring and saved myself a bit of work.
  7. Stir for a couple minutes, then let soup cook until peppers are tender, roughly half an hour.
  8. Remove pot from heat.  Pour contents into food processor (a blender would probably work better, but I don’t trust my blender).  Puree until mostly liquid and a rather odd shade of orange.
  9. Drop in a few sprigs of fresh dill.  Continue pureeing until bits of dill are scattered throughout soup.
  10. Remove pint of cream from fridge.  Let soup cool in food processor and go bring your boyfriend some Jell-O.
  11. Quarter a lime and peel each quarter; drop the flesh into the food processor.  This step probably wasn’t necessary, but I found that it brightened up an otherwise rather boring soup considerably.
  12. Decide to leave out the cream after all in case your vegan friend who’s coming over soon wants some.  Remove soup from food processor; top with tiny dollop of Greek yogurt for boyfriend.  Serve with a smile!

Pictures will be added to this post and the following once I figure out how exactly that works with WordPress.  🙂


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